Saturday, June 25, 2005

A View from Rangoon, by a young Burmese journalist

Quote of the day:

"i do not hope any single positive movement from the US to burma."

- a young Burmese journalist from Rangoon

A View from Rangoon, by A Young Burmese Journalist

some people in burma think that the western economic sanction to burma is the only one way to make change to the junta. they have impression to the US blindly. their example is iraq. they were so happy for the US invasion iniraq. they think the US can do whatever it likes. of course, the US can do whatever it likes, but the US does not like to do anything to burma, but shout lots of words.

besides, iraq and burma are different. the US has some allied countries in the middle east region. and the strongest neighbour to iraq is syria and iran. but for burma, we are just in between the two giant countries. china has long been protecting the military government. i met some chinese journalists. they said they cannot write any criticism to burma in china.

india is becoming a new france. shouting human rights and doing business simultaneously. they will not stop saying democracy about burma while they are doing businesses in burma. in fact, the india government might see three things.

the first one is they supported the democratic movement in the past when china supported to the junta. when india was not having any single benefit from the democratic ones, china was getting a lot from the military goverment. so, now india government might regret that they chose the wrong side.

the second one is india needs burma for its insurgency problems on the border.

the third one is the oil politics. the economy of india is bigger and bigger. it means that they need energy a lot. burma is its neighbouring country; iranand middle east countries are further than burma and the pipeline should pass through pakistan. the indian companies are pretty much involved in burmese natural gas sector. they have very good businesses in rakhine state. for owing to the above reasons, india government is co-operating to the junta rather than contradicting.

let me get back to what i am trying to say. neither india nor china wants theUS involvement to burma. in addition, we have so-called regional organisation,ASEAN. only few countries in ASEAN are democratic; the rest are also dictator-ruled states, and they are just not as bad as burmese government. they will never accept the US intervention to burma.

so, i do not hope any single positive movement from the US to burma. and also the economic sanction is so funny thing. the US and the UK are closing the front door of burma, but they fail to close the back door. the sanction will be so great if all the major countries agree to do so.

but now, burmesegoverment do not care about the sanction. they might say, 'we have our good friends, china, india and asean.' so, what is the meaning of the sanction? it is just the useless thing if the US and its partner UK cannot stop other countries to trade with burma.

i am so afraid that burma will be another tibet. they dream of independenttibet is far and far away. the US treatment to tibet is like the tibet is just an entertainer to them. they will let some tibet people to stay in the US. if they remember, they will shout a little bit about the tibet democracy. that's all they do to tibet. i think they are treating the same way to burma, itspeople and aung san suu kyi.

president bush will never fail to shout aloud torelease of aung san suu kyi, but always fail to do any implemented action to release her. for me, the US and the UK are giving the counsel of perfection to burma and itspeople. they have been trying stick apporach for long, and they see nothing from their apporach. then, why don't they try for the any alternative approach? it can be carrot approach or can be any other. i am not an economist, nor am i a politician. i can just say what is happening.