Thursday, October 06, 2005

Worlds Apart: The Burmese Government and the Opposition


"... the report is yet another attempt to discredit the government of Myanmar. It is based on misinformation by a few remaining insurgents and foreign fundedexpatriates who are now fearful that they will soon be irrevalent when Myanmarcrosses the threshold to a new era. They are after all expatriates who arefunded by some western countries with a hidden political agenda."

- The Burmese Government Statement on on Havel-Tutu's call for Security Council intervention, 29/9/05

"The National League for Democracy is therefore grateful to the former Czech President and the Archbishop for the detailed and accurate report they havesubmitted. We believe that the report has been prepared out of genuine andsincere motives."

- National League for Democracy, Burmese mainstream opposition Official Statement on the same report, 21/9/05

"The report is a realistic analytical observation of the real conditions in Burma and it is done with a positive attitude and with goodwill and sincere motives. Furthermore, since the report takes the correct attitude in calling on the UN Security Council to overcome the general hardships that need to be resolved immediately in Burma through dialogue - but without economic sanctions and pressure - it reflects the desires of all the democratic forces...."

- Committee Representing People's Parliament, 29/9/05

"Considering the highly-respected integrity of those who committed the report,it is therefore regrettable that various inaccuracies appeared in the text withthe potential to take away some of the relevance of the arguments yousubmitted."

- Jean-Luc Lemahieu, Representative, UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Rangoon

"China, India and Thailand ... ... I think that they have the key to change inMyanmar, I think that in their own way, in their own style they have somequalities to convince the Myanmar authorities that, for instance, the road mapcannot be stuck and waiting for ever... ..."

- Professor Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, UN Special Rapporteur of the Commission onHuman Rights, on BBC "Hardtalk 1 September 2005.

"... Professor Pinheiro's judgement of the importance of these three countriesin assisting the process of democratization, security and stability inBurma/Myanmar may offer a more practical way forward for the Security Councilto consider than Chapter VII action."

Retd. Ambassador Derek Tonkin, (UK Diplomatic Service 1952-1989)